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News from GITPA (December 2017)

Farm Eco-tour The Farm Eco-tour 「GITPA 新生互動農場生態遊」 was successfully held on 10 December 2017 (Sun).  22 colleagues, family members and friends participated.  It was a fulfilling and fruitful day for the participants.  After arriving at the New Life Interactive Farm in Tuen Mun, the participants started their “busy” agenda with a series of activities.  First

GITPA 新生互動農場生態遊

各位親愛的同事: 秋季正式來臨了,總算有點秋天的感覺了。 想在秋高氣爽的季節渡過一個輕鬆、有趣又能享受大自然的週末? GITPA 將於十二月份舉辦「新生互動農場生態遊」,就能一次過滿足你三個願望。詳情如下: 新生互動農場佔地4.1公頃,農場同時榮獲兩個本地有機認證(由香港有機資源中心認證有限公司及香港有機認證中心頒授),專門種植有機農作物、香草等。新生互動農場讓繁忙的都市人有機會親親大自然,舒展身心。 活動內容: ☼ 參觀農莊,專人講解有機種植及大自然的知識 ☼ 於教育田了解及嘗試有機耕種的日常工作程序,如除草、翻土、起畦、移苗、淋水、施肥、下種及使用農務工具 ☼ 親自體驗有機耕種的樂趣 ☼ 使用農場物料,自己設計及完成一件獨一無二的環保T恤 ☼ 利用有機迷迭香製作鬆脆可口有機牛油曲奇 如有任何疑問或查詢,請致電 2860-6051 (Tony Ho) 或 2829-3302 (Hebe Lau) 聯絡我們。

News from GITPA (Novmeber 2017)

News from GITPA (November 2017) Aroma Candle Workshop Modern life is usually stressful.  If you want to relax a bit after a long day, lighting an aroma candle may be a good choice for you!  Candles made of aromatherapy oils can enhance your emotion and relieve stress. The Aroma Candle Workshop「GITPA 香薰手工蠟燭工作坊」 was successfully held

GITPA 香薰手工蠟燭工作坊

GITPA 「香薰手工蠟燭工作坊」   現代人生活壓力大,回家後,若想好好放鬆一下,點燃香薰蠟燭可能是一個不錯的選擇。 加入香薰精油製作而成的手工蠟燭能促進和提升個人情緒,舒緩壓力,而真正以有機材料制作的香薰蠟燭,還可以作香薰按摩或潤膚油之用。 功能性的香薰精油種類繁多,例如檸檬草、薰衣草,可驅走蚊蟲之餘,後者更有寧神作用;而茶樹則可殺菌、消炎。如果喜歡氣味清香的話,可以選擇果皮類如甜橙和檸檬味的精油,兩者均有放鬆及清新功能。 想增加對香薰蠟燭的認識,現在是大好機會! 每位學員將會製作兩款蠟燭: 大豆蠟燭、果凍蠟燭,並會選用以上提到的天然草本精油為材料。 手工蠟燭杯小巧精緻,天然又環保,除可自用外,也適合作為小禮物贈送親友。   如有任何疑問或查詢,可致電 2153-2011 (Shan CHAN) 或 2860-6051 (Tony HO) 聯絡我們

News from GITPA (October 2017)

Kayak & Snorkeling Fun Day The Kayak & Snorkeling Fun Day「GITPA 獨木舟浮潛體驗同樂日」 was successfully held on 7 October 2017 (Sat).  30 colleagues, family members and friends participated. It was a sunny and energetic day.  The 30 participants got out of the office and caught some rays at   The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey

News from GITPA (September 2017)

Luna Lamp Workshop Three classes of the Luna Lamp Workshop「GITPA 浪漫月球燈製作班」 were successfully held on 2 and 10 September 2017 (Sat).  46 colleagues, family members and friends participated. It was a romantic workshop, in which participants made their own “moon” with their beloved ones.  After doing warm-up exercises led by the instructor to stretch their

GITPA Annual General Meeting cum Dinner 2017

Dear GITPA Members, Thank you for your support over the years. Time flies. It is time again for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and get-together in May every year.  In addition to sharing with you our work this year, the current and the to-be-elected Chairmen, as well as other ExCo members, are keen to meet

News from GITPA (Mar 2017)

Glass engraving Workshop Did anyone of you ever face the challenge of choosing a gift that you hope it will be appreciated?  Choosing a gift that is unique, memorable, or even with a message that will last forever is always a challenging task, especially in those festive seasons.  Glass engraving is surely a way to

News from GITPA (Feb 2017)

Chinese New Year Hiking As part of GITPA’s tradition to celebrate the Chinese New Year, 「雞年新春行大運 (黃泥墩,大欖涌水塘)」was held on 5th February. Colleagues, together with their family members and friends, made a group of some 40 people joining the hiking activity. We all enjoyed the time with our minds refreshed to welcome the Year of the

GITPA 二月份活動:雞年新春行大運 (大欖涌水塘 (千島湖)、大棠) 遠足活動

各位親愛的會員: 新年快樂,GITPA將於新春期間,舉辦「雞年新春行大運 (大欖涌水塘 (千島湖)、大棠)」遠足活動,讓會員與家人、朋友及同事遠足之餘,一起欣賞大自然風景、舒展身心。 遠足路線:  僑興路 → 楊家村 → 黃泥墩水塘 → 大欖涌水塘 → 楓香林 → 大棠山道 →  回程 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢, 可致電 3660-7139 (Chris Lam) 或 2860-6051 (Tony Ho) 聯絡我們 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上