News from GITPA (Mar 2017)

News from GITPA (Mar 2017)

Glass engraving Workshop

Did anyone of you ever face the challenge of choosing a gift that you hope it will be appreciated?  Choosing a gift that is unique, memorable, or even with a message that will last forever is always a challenging task, especially in those festive seasons.  Glass engraving is surely a way to make a gift that can create a moment truly special.

A glass engraving workshop was organized by GITPA on 27th February.  Basic skills on glass engraving through abrasion, together with the use of the rotary drill for engraving were introduced.  It was then followed by the demonstration of the artworks provided by the trainer.  We also had the time to exert our creativity and imagination to create the decorative glassworks of our own.

Here were all we needed: a marker pen to draw our design, some alcohol tissue for erasing the sketch on glass, a piece of wet cloth to wipe away any dust or water as we work, and black cardboard to rest our glass on to see our design better.  And the most important thing was a handy rotary drill with diamond ball burr.

We started by sketching our design on the glass with the marker pen. Design varies from some simple dot and line art to far-fetched ideas that are beyond anyone’s imagination.  With the design finalized, we started engraving our glasswork using the rotary drill.  The drill is so handy that even a primary school kid can handle it with the help of his parent.  With some trials and assistance from the trainer, some of us started to be able to manage the engraving tools skillfully, and the final products were simply gorgeous.

As a wonderful way to end the workshop, we held a little competition to choose among ourselves the best 5 pieces of glassworks.  Most of the selected artworks were, out of our expectation, produced by little kids.

Upcoming Event

The 2017 GITPA Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum Annual Dinner will be held on 17th May 2017 (Wednesday) at the Hong Kong Medical Association Club House (Wanchai Premises).  We will share our work and activities in the year 2016-17.  New GITPA ExCo for year 2017-18 will be also elected.

All GITPA members are cordially invited to the AGM to participate in the election of the new GITPA ExCo and meet other colleagues.  Please join us.

Stay tuned to our coming announcement and see you at the AGM cum Annual Dinner on 17th May!


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