News from GITPA (September 2017)

News from GITPA (September 2017)

Luna Lamp Workshop

Three classes of the Luna Lamp Workshop「GITPA 浪漫月球燈製作班」 were successfully held on 2 and 10 September 2017 (Sat).  46 colleagues, family members and friends participated.

It was a romantic workshop, in which participants made their own “moon” with their beloved ones.  After doing warm-up exercises led by the instructor to stretch their fingers, arms and shoulders, participants started to put on their masks to do the craftwork. 

Everyone enjoyed the workshop a lot and brought home their hand-made luna lamp for celebrating the coming Mid-Autumn Festival!

Staff Consultation for Enhancing Staff Appraisal Form of AP Grade

Change in performance appraisal system affects everyone of us.  Your active participation and contribution is instrumental.  GITPA has received comments/feedback from members regarding the staff consultation for enhancing staff appraisal form of AP Grade.  We have consolidated a submission to AP Grade Management Support Team on 22 September 2017.  Thanks for all your valuable comments/feedback!

Coming Activity

After holding indoor workshops for three consecutive months, GITPA is going to organise an outdoor activity in October!  The 「GITPA 獨木舟浮潛體驗同樂日」 was well-received in the past years and will be held again on 7 October 2017!  We will share the happy moments of the activity with you in the next issue!  Stay tuned!

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