Month: May 2016

GITPA Hall of Fame

Year 1980/1981 1981/1982 1982/1983 1983/1984 Chairman Tony Lam Stephen Mak K.W. Chan George Ng Vice Chairman Clarence Cheng Eliza Lee Christopher Leung K.H. Fok Secretary K.K. Ng James Au Euphemia Yip C.L. Man Treasurer Dennis Pang Daniel Lam S.K. Siu Fanny Ng Supporting Member Alex Ma Y.M. Cheung Francis Lam Natalis Fok Y.M. Cheung K.Y.

Executive Committee 2016/17

Dear Fellow Members and Friends, We are glad to inform you that the GITPA ExCo 2016/17 has been duly elected in the Annual General Meeting held on 18 May 2016.  As of today, the GITPA has 792 members, representing over 83% of the AP Grade.  We wish to take this opportunity to thank colleagues for your support and participation.