News from GITPA (Novmeber 2017)

News from GITPA (Novmeber 2017)

News from GITPA (November 2017)

Aroma Candle Workshop

Modern life is usually stressful.  If you want to relax a bit after a long day, lighting an aroma candle may be a good choice for you!  Candles made of aromatherapy oils can enhance your emotion and relieve stress.

The Aroma Candle Workshop「GITPA 香薰手工蠟燭工作坊」 was successfully held on 5 November 2017 (Sun).  12 colleagues, family members and friends participated.  Each of them got the chance to make two types of candles with natural herbal essential oils: soy candle and jelly candle.  After learning the candle production procedures and some precautions, the participants made their own exquisite, natural and environmental friendly aroma candles.  Apart from enjoying the candle making experience, the participants brought home with their handmade candles which can be a small gift to their beloved friends or relatives!


Coming Activity

Feel the taste of autumn?  Want to have a relaxing weekend in the nature?  The 「GITPA 新生互動農場生態遊」, which will be held on 10 December 2017, might be a good option for you!  Participants can experience the fun of organic farming and make their own organic cookies!  Don’t miss it!


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