News from GITPA (Jan 2017)

News from GITPA (Jan 2017)

Are you looking for a beautiful decorated cake for your next special event? GITPA offered more than just a delicious cake to fulfill your wish, we made it!  A self-made cake will absolutely make your family and friends squeal with delight.

Our GITPA baking day on 8th Jan consisted of 2 sessions.  The 1st session was to make tiramisu and the 2nd session Chocolate Concorde; from traditional to whimsical, from simple to sassy.

A Chocolate Concorde Cake is a combination of two simple elements – meringue and mousse.  It was created in 1969, but soon becomes the favorite of many cake lovers.

We were glad to have a chef, who formerly worked at a five-star hotel, to share with us from fundamentals to advanced techniques in making cakes.

In the cake-making process, we did not only make a cake, but also shared the enjoyable moments with friends and family. Can you see the happy faces of our members?

Proverb quotes “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”.  This might be possible now if you know how to make a cake.  Back to our life, be well equipping yourself, grab life by the horns and make it what you want.  You deserve to pursue all that make you happy.

GITPALeaks for New APIIs 2016-17

47 new APIIs joined our GITPALeaks gathering on 13th Jan right after the induction course.  During the gathering, GITPA ExCo members shared their experiences and views with new colleagues on various topics that the new colleagues were interested to know more, such as core competencies for AP grade staff, career development and prospect, posting arrangement and the difference between working in OGCIO and ITMU. The atmosphere was open and sincere. We all had an enjoyable evening.

Upcoming events

As a tradition to celebrate the Chinese New Year, we will have our annual hiking activity “雞年新春行大運” on 5th Feb.  Hope to see you there.

GITPA wishes all our members, families and friends a happy and prosperous Year of the Rooster.

GITPA 2016/17

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