News from GITPA (October 2017)

News from GITPA (October 2017)

Kayak & Snorkeling Fun Day

The Kayak & Snorkeling Fun Day「GITPA 獨木舟浮潛體驗同樂日」 was successfully held on 7 October 2017 (Sat).  30 colleagues, family members and friends participated.

It was a sunny and energetic day.  The 30 participants got out of the office and caught some rays at   The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp.  Known as the “back garden of Hong Kong”, Sai Kung is a beautiful place with its natural scenery well preserved.

After doing warm-up exercises led by the professional instructors, participants learned the basic kayak and snorkeling theory and techniques such as mirror drainage, breathing tube drainage, buoyancy control in the water and techniques to avoid ear pressure, and safety practices.

They then experienced the kayak tour with the beautiful scenery on the outskirts of Sai Kung, and enjoyed their lunchbox in outdoor environment.  While participants snorkeling in the colorful underwater world, they had the chance to have close contact with marine life.

Despite feeling exhausted after all the vigorous physical exercises, all participants wore a satisfying smile on their faces when they left the camp site under the sunset!


Coming Activity

Want to relax a bit after a long day?  Lighting an aroma candle may be a good choice!  The 「GITPA 香薰手工蠟燭工作坊」 will be held on 5 November 2017.  We will share the happy moments of the activity with you in the next issue!  Stay tuned!

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