News from GITPA (Feb 2017)

News from GITPA (Feb 2017)

Chinese New Year Hiking

As part of GITPA’s tradition to celebrate the Chinese New Year, 「雞年新春行大運 (黃泥墩,大欖涌水塘)」was held on 5th February. Colleagues, together with their family members and friends, made a group of some 40 people joining the hiking activity. We all enjoyed the time with our minds refreshed to welcome the Year of the Rooster.

Hiking is one of the greatest ways to enjoy the outdoors, with day hiking being the most popular kind.  With different trails you take, the spectacular landscape of different parts of Hong Kong unfolds before you.

Wong Nai Tun Reservoir
We started our journey by hiking to Wong Nai Tun Reservoir. Although the reservoir is small, its surrounding is tranquil and exhilarating with a view of emerald water surface. We took beautiful pictures on the dam.

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir
After around 2 hours of leisure walk, we reached the splendid view named “Thousand Islands” for Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. It looked like there are many small islands resided in the lake. Its sophisticated meandering coastline appeared to be a refined picture from the natural pattern. It’s so amazing that we have such a precious view inside the city! Tai Lam Chung Reservoir gets more and more popular and we even met some hiking friends there!

We ended our journey at Tai Tong with a view of sunset.

Hiking also has a number of benefits for the body.  It requires no special equipment and you can simply start no matter how fit you are.  It’s easy to adjust to any level of difficulties.  No matter what level of difficulties you have chosen, your body will still be exposed to sunshine, and the level of vitamin D within your body increases.

In addition, hiking with a group of friends can feel more like entertainment than exercise.  Hiking offers us chance to do away texting at our mobile phones and have face-to-face communications.  It gives us some precious moments to chat, and to share the happiness and sadness with our friends and beloved ones.

There is a quote “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Reaching the top of a mountain is an impressive physical and emotional accomplishment. It reminds us that we can accomplish something in my life if we dream big and put in the work.

Upcoming Event

In February, GITPA will present a glass engraving workshop for you to decorate your favorite glassware and turn it into a personal treasure that is unique and special for you.

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