Month: October 2022

News from GITPA (September 2022)

Member Benefits We are pleased to inform you that the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS) continues to offer membership discount for both new application and membership renewal to our GITPA members.  For details please refer to our GITPA website: Struggling for your data plan? Here are some new options offered by Hong Kong Broadband

HKBN Corporate Offer

Offer 1: 特選屋苑 1000m 光纖入屋,免安裝費月費 $99(只限新客户/轉台) 寛頻禮品四選一– 1.  5G Plan 3000分鐘10G數據(其後1Mbps任用數據)(最多180日內生效)– 2. 免費36個月Disney+– 3.  免費36個月MyTV Gold– 4. 送3M 濾水器(AP2-WM10 價值 $1,299) 特選屋苑 2x1000m 一個單位兩條獨立1000m光纖線成功安裝一條1000m 即可享半價$48 安裝第二條1000m Offer 2: 5G Plan 月費$68 3000分鐘 10GB(其後1Mbps任用數據) 送6個月Disney+月費$124 3000分鐘 30GB(其後1Mbps任用數據) 送12個月Disney+及 $100 賬額回贈月費$149 3000分鐘 100GB(其後5Mbps任用數據)月費$162 3000分鐘 30GB(其後1Mbps任用數據) 包社交APP任用數據, 送12個月Disney+及 $100 賬額回贈 Offer 3: 4.5G 全速Plan 月費$118 3000分鐘 7GB(其後42Mbps任用數據) 送6個月Disney+4.5G