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News from GITPA (September 2017)

Luna Lamp Workshop Three classes of the Luna Lamp Workshop「GITPA 浪漫月球燈製作班」 were successfully held on 2 and 10 September 2017 (Sat).  46 colleagues, family members and friends participated. It was a romantic workshop, in which participants made their own “moon” with their beloved ones.  After doing warm-up exercises led by the instructor to stretch their

News from GITPA (August 2017)

News from GITPA (August 2017) Latte Art Workshop The latte art workshop 「咖啡拉花班」 was successfully held on August 5 2017 (Sat).  19 colleagues, family members and friends participated. It was a fulfilling 2.5-hour workshop, in which participants had the chance to gain hands-on experience to make their own cup of 2D and 3D latte art. 

News from GITPA (July 2017)

News from GITPA (July 2017) 熊仔朱古力餐包烘焙實習班 The baking class「熊仔朱古力餐包烘焙實習班」 was successfully held on July 8 2017 (Sat).  39 colleagues, family members and friends participated. Based on the instructions from the professional pastry chef, participants made their delicious chocolate teddy bear buns with their own personality and creativity.  Everyone had a great time with lots of

News from GITPA (May 2017)

GITPA Newsletter GITPA Newsletter 2016/17 has been published! In this issue, you can know more about GITPA’s work in the last year. We have also invited Ir. Allen YEUNG, JP – Government Chief Information Officer, Mr. Victor LAM, JP – Deputy Government Chief Information Officer (Infrastructure and Operations), and Mr. Tony WONG – Assistant Government

News from GITPA (Jan 2017)

Are you looking for a beautiful decorated cake for your next special event? GITPA offered more than just a delicious cake to fulfill your wish, we made it!  A self-made cake will absolutely make your family and friends squeal with delight. Our GITPA baking day on 8th Jan consisted of 2 sessions.  The 1st session

News from GITPA (Oct 2016)

GITPA cycling adventure Autumn flies by in a flash. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the crisp weather and ride into the countryside to meet the authentic scenery. Have you ever thought that “Cycle touring sounds like fun but it isn’t really for me”? “I am not in shape”, “I don’t want

GITPA Hall of Fame

Year 1980/1981 1981/1982 1982/1983 1983/1984 Chairman Tony Lam Stephen Mak K.W. Chan George Ng Vice Chairman Clarence Cheng Eliza Lee Christopher Leung K.H. Fok Secretary K.K. Ng James Au Euphemia Yip C.L. Man Treasurer Dennis Pang Daniel Lam S.K. Siu Fanny Ng Supporting Member Alex Ma Y.M. Cheung Francis Lam Natalis Fok Y.M. Cheung K.Y.