News from GITPA (May 2017)

News from GITPA (May 2017)

GITPA Newsletter

GITPA Newsletter 2016/17 has been published! In this issue, you can know more about GITPA’s work in the last year. We have also invited Ir. Allen YEUNG, JP – Government Chief Information Officer, Mr. Victor LAM, JP – Deputy Government Chief Information Officer (Infrastructure and Operations), and Mr. Tony WONG – Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Industry Development) to share with us their experience of participating in IT professional associations! You can access the Newsletter at the following KICP link: GITPA Newsletter 2016/17

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum Annual Dinner was held on 17 May 2017 (Wednesday) at the Hong Kong Medical Association Club House (Wanchai Premises). In the meeting, the ExCo gave an account of GITPA’s work as well as the financial position in the past year. The proposed revisions on the Rules of Association were adopted, and the new ExCo 2017/18 was also successfully elected. The dinner was conducted in a pleasant atmosphere. Participants enjoyed the game session very much and some won the attractive prizes!

Left to Right (back) Alpha WONG, Joshua CHAN, Winston LEUNG, Richard WONG, Angel WONG, Hebe LAU, Phyllis LEUNG, Nicole WONG, Chris LAM, YS CHAN, Dagan CHIU, SM TSE, Tony HO
(front) Janice TANG, Candy CHAN, Leonard LAM, Angus TAM


Name Post Phone Location
Chairman Ms Candy WC CHAN SSM/JUD 2886 6403 Eastern Law Courts Building
Vice Chairman Mr Leonard FC LAM SSM/PO 2927 7129 FWD Financial Centre, Sheung Wan
Secretary Miss Janice SM TANG API/MD 2852 4749 Harbour Building
Treasurer Mr Angus MC TAM SM(ID)62 3655 5775 Tamar
Committee Member (Membership Secretary) Mr Winston WH LEUNG APII/LR 2867 5855 Queensway Government Offices
Committee Member (Editor) Miss Nicole WY WONG ASM(ST)21 3182 6513 Cyberport
Committee Member (Editor – Webmaster) Mr Richard KW WONG API/C&SD Ag. 2582 2137 Wanchai Tower
Committee Member (Social Convener) Ms Phyllis WM LEUNG ASM(G&R)42 2231 5420 North Point Government Offices
Committee Member (Social Convener) Ms Hebe HW LAU APII/ImmD 2829 4034 Immigration Tower
Committee Member (Social Convener) Mr Tony WP HO APII/HKPF 2860 6051 Arsenal House, Police Headquarters
Committee Member (Social Convener) Miss YS CHAN APII/WFSFAA 2153 2011 Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices
Supporting Member Ms Angel OK WONG SM/FEHD 2879 5570 Lockhart Road Municipal Service Building
Supporting Member Mr Dagan KC CHIU SM/EDB Ag. 3540 7330 Wu Chung House
Supporting Member Mr Joshua MY CHAN ASM(SEC)21 3182 6666 Cyberport
Supporting Member Mr SM TSE API/WFSFAA Ag. 2150 6245 Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices
Supporting Member Mr Chris CL LAM APII/HKPF 3660 7139 Arsenal House, Police Headquarters
Supporting Member Mr Alpha YK WONG APII/WFSFAA 3897 1238 181 Hoi Bun Road, Kuwn Tong

GITPA Ex-Co 2017-18

GITPA Webmaster