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News from GITPA (Nov 2016)

Autumn is always considered as the best time to get outdoors. GITPA recently organized two outdoor activities. They were surf kayaking and snorkeling (獨木舟浮潛體驗同樂日) and eco-cycling tour (錦田南生圍單車生態遊). Let us have a quick review of our adventures. Sai Wan beach is a great place to practise surf kayaking, snorkeling and to hang out for the

GITPA 十一月份活動:錦田南生圍單車生態遊

各位親愛的同事: GITPA將舉辦錦田南生圍單車生態遊,由專業導賞員帶領同事一邊享受單車之樂,一邊欣賞沿途生態環境,讓大家遠離繁囂,返璞歸真。 詳情如下: 全程由生態導賞員帶領,騎單車暢遊南生圍及錦田 了解圍村文化及歷史 參觀錦田著名景點 – 樹屋 前往錦田河認識紅樹林濕地生態 享受地道風味農家菜 導賞員將配備望遠鏡供參加者使用 每位費用已包括租借單車(連水架)、安全頭盔、全程導賞服務、午膳及平安保險 車隊設有急救包及維修裝備以備不時之需 集合:元朗西鐵站 路線:元朗>南生圍>敬輝農場(午膳)>錦田 (水頭 水尾村)>元朗 (約16:30 – 17:00回到元朗解散) 適合 6 歲至 75 歲具備騎自行車經驗人士參加(不可以使用單車輔助輪),報名前請自行評估個人健康狀況,以利活動安全及愉快完成。 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢, 可致電 3660-7139 (Chris Lam) 或 2860-6051 (Tony Ho) 聯絡我們 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (Oct 2016)

GITPA cycling adventure Autumn flies by in a flash. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the crisp weather and ride into the countryside to meet the authentic scenery. Have you ever thought that “Cycle touring sounds like fun but it isn’t really for me”? “I am not in shape”, “I don’t want

News from GITPA (Sep 2016)

Grab your running shoes and join us for a run! People run for different reasons. Some run because of weight concerns, while some others run for a sense of achievement, to relieve stress, or simply to win. No matter what the motivation behind is, running brings us enjoyment and fills us with energy. Like any

GITPA 九月份活動 : 跑步學堂 – 理論講座

各位親愛的同事:  GITPA將舉辦GITPA跑步學堂,讓同事能在專業教練指導下學習和改善跑步技巧,更可為將舉行的各項跑步賽事作好準備。 這次我們誠邀了香港馬拉松代表黎可基先生提供專業指導,針對性地改善同事的跑步姿勢,以提升同事的水準,有助突破個人最好成績。 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢, 可致電 3660-7139 (Chris Lam) 或 2860-6051 (Tony Ho) 聯絡我們 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (Aug 2016)

Balloon Twisting Workshop Balloons are a budget-conscious, yet colorful, means for decorating any events. Having these lovely balloons at the venue will just lift a party to a whole different level of fun and excitement. On 14 Aug 2016, GITPA members and friends learnt how to make simple decorations and toys with twisting balloons. In

GITPA 八月份活動 : 創意氣球造型班

見到上面的相片係咪好吸引呢?係咪想親手做一隻可愛的卡通公仔送俾您的家人同朋友? 而家就有機會!GITPA將舉辦創意氣球造型班,由經驗導師即場教授扭氣球的技巧,讓你發揮想像力及創造力 ! 課程內容仲包括近期熱爆嘅卡通人物,而家足不出戶就可以擁有!即刻報名,親手創作一隻屬於您嘅氣球公仔啦! 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 如有任何疑問或查詢,請致電 2860-6051 (Tony Ho) 或 3660-7139 (Chris Lam) 聯絡我們 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (July 2016)

Craft Brewing Workshop There were 34 GITPA members and friends enjoyed a three-hour craft brewing workshop on July 10. In this workshop, we tried our hand at brewing beer from scratch with raw ingredients. We got hands-on experience while the whole brewing process was taken through, from mashing to transferring to the fermentor. We also