News from GITPA (July 2016)

News from GITPA (July 2016)

Craft Brewing Workshop

There were 34 GITPA members and friends enjoyed a three-hour craft brewing workshop on July 10. In this workshop, we tried our hand at brewing beer from scratch with raw ingredients. We got hands-on experience while the whole brewing process was taken through, from mashing to transferring to the fermentor. We also had a chance to explore the world of craft beers together with a beer tasting session.

Here’s how to brew your own beer at home…..

Here’s the equipment required.
Malt extract was heated until it looked like thin oatmeal. Hops were then added and boiled with the malt extract for an hour. Hops were used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer.
The hot mixture was rapidly cooled to room temperature with a sink of ice to avoid contamination of bacteria where wild yeast could occur.
The mixture was then transferred to fermentation bucket by spooning. This provided the dissolved oxygen that the yeast need.





















Although our beer is now still being fermented in the workshop, it is still not ready to drink yet. No matter how it turns out, it is still taste better than those available in the market, because our homebrew was brew with Friendship, Family, Love & Laughter.

Discount Sale of Mooncakes

20160712The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. We continue the discount sale of mooncakes for members this year. We have sourced special offers from five bakeries – Taipan, Wing Wah, Maxim’s, Arome, and Häagen-Dazs – and a total 47 choices of moon cakes for members to select.


Moreover, GITPA Ex-Co would like to take this opportunity to wish all colleagues a cheerful and enjoyable festival with your beloved family and friends!

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