News from GITPA (Nov 2016)

News from GITPA (Nov 2016)

Autumn is always considered as the best time to get outdoors. GITPA recently organized two outdoor activities. They were surf kayaking and snorkeling (獨木舟浮潛體驗同樂日) and eco-cycling tour (錦田南生圍單車生態遊). Let us have a quick review of our adventures.

Sai Wan beach is a great place to practise surf kayaking, snorkeling and to hang out for the weekend. On 30 October, a group of GITPA members and friends joined at Sai Kung to explore its leafy landscape and sandy beaches for an action-packed day of fun! Under the guidance of our expert instructors, though we could not manage a kayak from zero to hero in one day, we all mastered the basic skills to control our kayak to the middle of the sea to kick off our snorkeling adventure, which was definitely a perfect way to get to know the beautiful underwater environment of the Sai Kung sea. Many of us were there the first time to explore the beautiful sights, which have only been accessed by a very small percentage of the population.



After taking a sea adventure, our second adventure explored the natural countryside by bicycle. Our eco-cycling tour was conducted on 13 Nov 2016. This guided tour passed through scenes of an age-old walled village, a mysterious tree house and an internationally recognized bird migration area. The view was so amazing making this an unforgettable bike tour for all of us.


Both are fantastic experience for our members and friends; there are few things more relaxing than navigating on kayak or bike to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

Please stay tuned for upcoming GITPA activities.

GITPA Webmaster