News from GITPA (Sep 2016)

News from GITPA (Sep 2016)

Grab your running shoes and join us for a run!

People run for different reasons. Some run because of weight concerns, while some others run for a sense of achievement, to relieve stress, or simply to win. No matter what the motivation behind is, running brings us enjoyment and fills us with energy.

Like any sports, it’s possible to get injured at some point on a run. A good running coach can help to reduce injury risks. Just like the last year, GITPA organized a running training class that covered both theory and practical sessions by Mr. Lai Ho Ki (黎可基先生) in early September.


Rather than simply learning the technique that is being offered in the theory session, it’s essential that we can apply it in the real world. Therefore, we arranged two practice sessions for our members.


Running brings us joy. In the practice sessions, we saw not only sweating but also enjoyment and satisfaction on the faces of our members and friends.

There is a saying, “The reason we race isn’t so much to beat each other… but to be with each other.”. We all had a wonderful experience as we gained health and we made friends.


Upcoming event in October

Kayak and snorkelling fun day is coming back! Please refer to our email with subject “ GITPA 獨木舟浮潛體驗同樂日” for details.

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