Newsletter 2014-2015

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It is our pleasure to present you with the GITPA Newsletter 2014/15!  You may access the Newsletter on our website via the following URL:

KICP Blog link: GITPA Newsletter 2014/15


Below are some highlights of this issue:


Chairperson’s Words A summary of our work in 2014-15 from Ms. Jenny WOO, our Chairperson
Feature Story An interview with Stephen MAK – Going from Strength to Strength
Members’ Columns Seven interesting stories from our colleagues

  • 耍耍太極拳 – Ms. Juliana YIP shares her way along to become a Tai Chi master.
  • 緣 – Ms. Ellis TANG introduces the butterflies that can be found in Hong Kong.
  • 天使桑蛋 – Ms Phyllis LEUNG tells a heart touching story between herself and her dogs.
  • 帶雙跑鞋去旅行 – Mr. TSE Sui-man introduces a different way of travel.
  • 跆拳道 – Ms. CHIANG Lai shares her experience of learning Taekwondo with her mother.
  • 海底世界 – Mr. Ocean CHAN guides us a tour under the sea.
  • 中國智慧城市 – Ms Nicole WONG shares her journey to Wuxi.

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