Newsletter 2015-2016

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It is our pleasure to present you with the GITPA Newsletter 2015/16!  You may access the Newsletter on our website via the following URL:

KICP Blog link: GITPA Newsletter 2015/16


Below are some highlights of this issue:


Chairperson’s Word A summary of our work in 2015/16 from Ms. Candy CHAN, our Chairperson
Feature Story:
Lifelong Learning
Mr. Victor LAM, DGCIO(CO), shares his thoughts and insights about lifelong learning with all of us:

  • 專訪林偉喬先生: 終身學習分享
Sharing of Retirement Life Two retired colleagues share their life in retirement:

  • 專訪退休生活
  • 夕陽晚照 尤有餘暉
Members’ Columns Five interesting articles from our colleagues:

  • #冰島#極光#極地自由行  – Mr. Winston LEUNG sharing his wonderful travel experience;
  • 小病是福  – Ms. Phyllis LEUNG telling us a touching story of her life;
  • 淺談中國書法  – Mr. Alex WATT giving us an introduction to Traditional Chinese Calligraphy;
  • Pattern Recognition On-The-Go: Mobile Fingerprint Verification – Mr. K.C. LEUNG sharing a practical knowledge of pattern recognition; and
  • Girl Power in the ICT industry  – Miss Nicole WONG introducing a first IT women club in Hong Kong – FACE Club


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