Newsletter 2013-2014

Dear Members,

It is our pleasure to present you with the GITPA Newsletter 2013/14!  You may access the Newsletter on our website via the following URL:

KICP Blog link: GITPA Newsletter 2013/14

Below are some highlights of this issue:

Chairperson’s Words A summary of our work in 2013-14 from Ms. Jenny WOO, our Chairperson
GITPA Events A quick look back at past GITPA events


Feature Story Getting to know the new bloods joining OGCIO


Live and Learn Experience sharing by our colleagues on further studies

  • Master of Public Administration (Miss Nicole Wong)
  • Juris Doctor (Mr. Joshua CHAN)
  • Bachelor of Medicine (Mr. Kit LI)
  • MSc in Information Systems Management (Mr. Frederick LAU)


Members’ Columns Four interesting stories from our colleagues

  • 伊朗之行 – Mr. Donald MAK shares his remarkable journey to Iran and the photos he took of the magnificent views, antiquities and monuments.


  • 拍鳥拾肆翠 – Mr. Jason PUN shares his experience in bird watching and introduces the kingfishers that can be found in Hong Kong.


  • 毅行手記 – Mr. Tim CHAN and Mr. Leo WONG share their story in the Oxfarm Trailwalker activity.


  • 輔警與我 – Mr. Casey CHU shares his experience in the Hong Kong Auxillary Police.

We hope that you would like it!  Enjoy reading!     

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2013 -14

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