GITPA Newsletter 2018/19

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It is our pleasure to present GITPA Newsletter 2019!  You may access the Newsletter on our website via the following URL:

KICP Blog:  Newsletter 2018/19

Below are some highlights of this issue:

GITPA Activities 2018-2019Chairman’s Words / Activities SummaryA summary of our work in 2018/19 from Ms Ida LEE, our Chairman.
Feature Story專訪 : 政府資訊科技總監 林偉喬先生An interview with GCIO Mr Victor LAM, in which he shares the insights after he was appointed as the GCIO.
Members’ Columns長跑紐西蘭Mr Kelvin HUI shares his wonderful running experience in New Zealand.
Suffering : 痛、苦Mr Leonard LAM tells his friend’s story about how to cope with suffering during a tough time.
有時間?Ms Phyllis LEUNG gives us a touching story reminding us to cherish time with family members.
Back to School Again!Ms Nicole WONG shares her lifetime experience of the 2-month training in the USA.
平成最後之櫻Mr Winston LEUNG shares the beautiful album about the sakura blooming in Japan’s last era of “Heiser”.

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