GITPA Newsletter 2017/18

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It is our pleasure to present you with the GITPA Newsletter 2017/18!  You may access the Newsletter on our website via the following URL:

KICP BlogNewsletter 2017/18

Below are some highlights of this issue:

Chairman’s Word A summary of our work in 2017/18 from Ms. Candy CHAN, our Chairman


5 colleagues (Mr. Samuel WONG, Mr. Casey CHU, Dr. Nickie OR, Ms. Kimmie KWONG and Ms. Stephanie LIM) share their passion in their off-the-job professions.
克羅地亞之旅 Mr. Donald MAK shares his wonderful travel experience in Croatia.
2017 杭州雲棲大會 Mr. Hendry LIM shares his training trip to Ali’s annual conference in Hangzhou.
硬筆書法淺談 Mr. Alex WATT gives us an introduction to Chinese handwriting techniques.
齊來感受社會的脈博 Mr. Douglas KWOK tells us his volunteer experience.

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