News from GITPA (Dec 2016)

News from GITPA (Dec 2016)

Over the past few decades, “mindfulness” has been growing in popularity.  It is famous for allowing us to recognize our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

As always, GITPA consider members’ mental and physical health as our first priority.  We therefore, conducted a mindfulness introductory class, “嘉道理農場靜觀遊” to our members on 3 Dec 2016.

Mindfulness is stilling it to awareness of the flowing thoughts.  As a beginner, we cultivate mindfulness through some relaxation exercise which is a systematic method of focusing your attention appropriately.  Once you establish the awareness and focus, you observe the flow of inner thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations as they are.






After practising the mindfulness exercise, there was a guided tour around 嘉道理農場 to let us feel through our senses our intimate connection with the planet as a breathing living being, and to cultivate our gratitude and reverence for this miracle.  From this process, we gained an understanding of our place on earth and our responsibility to the planet.  In fact, cultivating the land, transforming the elements, harvesting the fruits of the season and observing the rhythms of nature are all practices of understanding, love and mindfulness.

All of our members and friends enjoyed a nourishing, insightful and joyous journey on that day.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming activities, and hope to see you soon.

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