News from GITPA (October 2019)

News from GITPA (October 2019)

News from GITPA (October 2019)

Meeting with OGCIO grade management

The meeting between GITPA and OGCIO Grade Management had be held on 21 August 2019.  We discussed several topics which our members most concerned about.  For example, we noticed some colleagues had resigned recently which we worried about if the cases were related to the increase of workload.  According to information collected by grade management, there were various reasons for them to decide to quit the job.  We suggested to arrange more stress management training and Grade Management affirmed that the OGCIO Training Section had been organizing training courses on stress management and more classes could be arranged if needed. Another topic we would like to highlight was the annual staff deployment planning exercise.  We found that not many colleagues were well informed before their deployment plans were submitted. Grade Management agreed that line management should discuss and agree with their staff for the release plans.  They will provide a clearer reminder in the next exercise to line management.

The full minutes had been uploaded to the OGCIO portal (link to download) and we encourage you to provide any feedback and suggestion to us for the next meeting scheduled on January 2020.

GITPA – 40周年標誌設計比賽

We have issued the logo design competition invitation and already received the creative designs from colleagues!  The KICP voting system for all colleagues to vote for the best design will be open soon.  The award-winning designer will be rewarded with a $500 supermarket coupon and the logo will be printed on the GITPA 40th Anniversary souvenir collections!  Please stay tuned for our updates in the next issue!

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