News from GITPA (September 2019)

News from GITPA (September 2019)

News from GITPA (September 2019)

燒烤樂暨夜探螢火蟲之旅 – part II

We now continue our exciting adventure ofGITPA — 燒烤樂暨夜探螢火蟲之旅! As instructed by our ecotourism guide, summer is the best season to watch fireflies in Hong Kong.  After fueling up the energy by the BBQ dinner, all the participants headed to the start point with our shuttle bus – Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve.  It was a very famous firefly resort in Hong Kong.  But before we saw the little flying “light”, we first encountered the “Wall of Scorpion”!  We never imagined such a number of scorpions living inside the rock cracks.  “The scorpions are visible because their bodies contain a layer of sulfide, which emits fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light,” the tour guide explained.

So where were the fireflies?  When we looked at the riverside along the trail, some beautiful flying green light appeared finally in the dark!  “They live and reproduce in the clean water near the river, on the edge of the pool, or in the farmland.  During the day they normally hide at the bottom of the leaves as they are afraid of sunlight.  At night, they will revive and rely on the fluorescent signals attracting the opposite sex.”  We were also very lucky to observe some of the fireflies were crawling along the roadside.  The true face of them was exposed under the red light torch. “Besides firefly, please don’t miss the cute tree frogs in this forest.  They are also the precious and protected species in our city.”  What a meaningful and unforgettable eco-tour experience!

GITPA is already 40 years old in the coming year!  We will kick start a series of celebrations to celebrate this important day for everyone!  The first event is the logo design competition!  We are now inviting you to contribute your ideas and design a logo for GITPA 40th Anniversary!  The award-winning design will be printed on the GITPA 40th Anniversary Collection, which will be kept forever by all members and will be dedicated to the extraordinary history of GITPA!

Please look forward to our formal invitation email with details!

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