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News from GITPA (August 2019)

News from GITPA (August 2019) 燒烤樂暨夜探螢火蟲之旅 The exploring tour「GITPA — 燒烤樂暨夜探螢火蟲之旅」was successfully held on 10 August 2019 (Saturday).  More than 20 members, their family and friends experienced this amazing tour. We have organised a shuttle bus commuting between the MTR station and the activity venue.  On the way to the venue, our professional tour guide

GITPA — 燒烤樂暨夜探螢火蟲之旅

各位親愛的同事: 您曾經看過螢火蟲嗎?螢火蟲最引人入勝之處就是牠們所發出的神秘光芒,每年春末夏初就可以看見牠們美麗的光影。其實香港也有不少地方,讓我們可以欣賞到螢火蟲閃爍的浪漫畫面,而大埔滘正是其中一個勝地。 在欣賞螢火蟲前,更可在汀角灣的燒烤農莊大快朵頤,場內更設有大型吹氣滑梯,適合一家大小參與。喜歡親近大自然的您,不妨邀約親友一起共享美食、共賞美景吧。 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢,可致電 James FOK 或 Nadia IP查詢 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (July 2019)

News from GITPA (July 2019) Minions日式繪花卷製作班 The baking class「Minions日式繪花卷製作班」was successfully held on 13 July 2019 (Saturday).  28 members, their family and friends participated in the class. This time, as Minions were the featuring star of this workshop, they attracted a lot of their big fans to bring them live on the cakes!  Many participants worked

GITPA — Minions日式繪花卷製作班

各位親愛的同事: 傳統的瑞士卷一直以來都是早餐、茶點時的不二之選。近年經過日式製法加以改良,將蛋糕皮厚度減薄,同時增加內餡份量並加入新鮮水果,更加令人垂涎欲滴。 現時不難發現各家西餅店都有推出各式各樣、不同口味的卷蛋糕。如果你認為連鎖店的款式平平無奇,未知 Minions 造型的日式卷蛋糕又會否吸引到你? GITPA 約定你,7月份一齊製作屬於自己的”迷你兵團”~~ 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢,可致電 Oscar U 或 Nadia IP查詢 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (June 2019)

GREETINGS FROM THE NEW GITPA EX-CO At the beginning of the new term, we wish to take this opportunity to thank members and friends of GITPA for your support and participation! This term will be very special for all of us, as GITPA will meet the 40th Anniversary in the coming year! It is the

News from GITPA (April 2019)

News from GITPA (April 2019) Membership Renewal Exercise 2019 The annual membership renewal exercise was successfully completed with the unfailing support from all site representatives.  As of 31 March 2019, there are 552 ordinary members and 390 life members.  We have a total of 942 members, representing over 78% of the AP grade.  The GITPA membership

News from GITPA (March 2019)

GITPA – 陶藝創作工作坊 The pottery (clay modeling) workshop 「GITPA – 陶藝創作工作坊」 was successfully held on 24 March 2019 (Sunday), which was our last workshop organized by 2018-19 GITPA. A total of 20 colleagues, their family members and friends joined this activity. Pottery is a creative process to make a vessel or any objects with clay. In

News from GITPA (February 2019)

GITPA豬年新春行大運 The GITPA’s Lunar New Year hiking activity「GITPA – 豬年新春行大運」 was successfully held on 13 February 2019 (Sunday). A total of 24 colleagues, their family members and friends joined the activity.  We gathered at Sun Yat-Sen Place of The University of Hong Kong and started the hiking with a joyful atmosphere. The trail this year was

News from GITPA (January 2019)

HOVER BOARD AND HOVER MAT EXPERIENCE DAY Happy New Year 2019!  At the beginning of a new year, an indoor activity「GITPA – 電動平衡車、平衡氈體驗日」 was successfully held on 13 January 2019 (Sunday).  27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this exciting and party like activity. Hover board is a new kind of vehicle which allows people standing

News from GITPA (December 2018)

WAR GAME EXPERIENCE DAY The indoor war game experience day「GITPA – War Game體驗日」 was successfully held on 16 December 2018 (Sunday).42 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and exciting activity. War game is usually regarded as an effective team-building activity.  But this time, the participants were told to enjoy the game as much as