News from GITPA (December 2018)

News from GITPA (December 2018)


The indoor war game experience day「GITPA – War Game體驗日」 was successfully held on 16 December 2018 (Sunday).42 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and exciting activity.

War game is usually regarded as an effective team-building activity.  But this time, the participants were told to enjoy the game as much as possible!  After listening to the instruction, all the participants were divided into three teams randomly and armed with safety masks and toy guns.  Then they went straight to the battlefield!

There were three different themes and set-ups, “scrap yards”, “maze with traps” and “maze in an ancient castle”, for the gamers to play with by turns.  The game rule was simple.  Two teams one versus one in a 10-minute round.  When you were hit with the bubble bullet by an enemy, you should claim you had defected.  After each round, the judge would count how many survivors in each team and determined the winner.  The winning team then could continue to fight with another stand-by team.

Different teams had their own strategies.  Some chose to hide in a dark corner and snipe the enemy, while some chose to attack actively!  Could you guess the final winner?  You might think the team with the largest number of male players should win.  The answer is, the team consisted of the greatest number of children won easily as they have unlimited energy and invulnerable bodies!  Despite the exhausting game, all the participants gave the most positive feedbacks and hoped to revenge next time.


Get bored with traditional bicycle or skateboard?  GITPA  will first time hold an indoor activity「GITPA – 電動平衡車、平衡氈體驗日」on 13 January 2019 (Sunday).  The hover board (平衡車) and hover mat (平衡氈) are the new types of moving vehicles which allow the players to feel the speed and the excitement in a safe environment.  Can’t wait to see the photos and the feedbacks from our participants in next issue!

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