News from GITPA (January 2019)

News from GITPA (January 2019)


Happy New Year 2019!  At the beginning of a new year, an indoor activity「GITPA – 電動平衡車、平衡氈體驗日」 was successfully held on 13 January 2019 (Sunday).  27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this exciting and party like activity.

Hover board is a new kind of vehicle which allows people standing on it and controlling the moving direction by feet gesture.  While the hover mat is a mini “car” version of hover board which can be controlled by car levers.

In the two hours of activity time, two separate sessions were allocated for two activities. Everybody had to practice how to ride with the hover board.  It was difficult for the first time player to stand on it and make it move straightly.  After practicing for about 10 minutes, most of them could enjoy playing with the different speed.  Some of the skilled players even tried to challenge the inclined road!

Another session was the racing period for hover mat.  Unlike hover board session, there was no learning lesson as they couldn’t wait to race with each other!  Some players managed to turn around the corner at an extreme speed!  It was more exciting than the players expected.

Since the venue cannot serve all to play at the same time, some entertaining facilities like video game, snooker and other game machines were provided to kill the idle time.


Every year  GITPA  will hold the hiking event as a good chance for all of our members and friends to enjoy the nature together after Lunar New Year.   This year, the「GITPA – 豬年新春行大運」will be held on 17 February 2019 (Sunday).  The route we planned is the famous “Hong Kong Trail”.   The trail passes through the Peak and the popular Pinewood Battery Heritage.  We can also learn more history from this trip.  Can’t wait to see you in our group photo in next issue!

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