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News from GITPA (December 2018)

WAR GAME EXPERIENCE DAY The indoor war game experience day「GITPA – War Game體驗日」 was successfully held on 16 December 2018 (Sunday).42 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and exciting activity. War game is usually regarded as an effective team-building activity.  But this time, the participants were told to enjoy the game as much as

News from GITPA (November 2018)

LUNA LAMP WORKSHOP The Luna Lamp Workshop「GITPA – 月球燈手作坊」 was successfully held on 4 November 2018 (Sat). 16 colleagues, family members and friends joined this activity. The workshop lasted for about four hours. It was not as easy as the participants thought.  First, they needed to inject the chemical liquid into the mold which weighted some

News from GITPA (October 2018)

INDOOR CLIMBING FUN DAY The indoor rock climbing class 「GITPA — 攀石同樂日」 was successfully held on October 13 2018 (Sat). 27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and challenging activity. After all participants gathered, they were guided by the professional trainers to do the stretching and warm up exercise together. There were four

GITPA — 攀石同樂日

各位親愛的同事: 2020年的東京奧運將新增運動攀登為競賽項目,預計屆時會為全球帶來一股攀石熱潮。 想率先體驗這項既健康又俱挑戰性的活動?GITPA將舉辦攀石同樂日增加大家對運動攀登的認識,齊來掌握基本技巧,一同體會攀石樂趣。 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢,可致電 Alpha WONG 、 Oscar U 或 Hebe LAU 查詢 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (September 2018)

MEETING WITH AP GRADE MANAGEMENT As stated in our work direction, GITPA will liaise and have regular meetings with AP Grade Management. During the last meeting on 30 July 2018, we discussed various topics including sustainable staff development, succession planning for AP Grade, staff promotion, staff wastage, recruitment, staff relation activities and staff communications etc.

News from GITPA (August 2018)

FUN ARCHERY CLASS The fun archery class「GITPA — 射箭體驗班」was successfully held on August 18 2018 (Sat). 27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this event. The class began with a briefing session held by a professional instructor. Some basic skills, rules and more importantly, the safety rules and measures were introduced. After the demonstration from the

GITPA — 射箭體驗班

各位親愛的同事: 平日工作繁忙,放假時想做運動減壓,但怕炎炎夏日好天曬落雨淋。 GITPA 將於八月舉辦射箭體驗班,在全天候冷氣開放、配套齊全的室內場地一同感受射箭運動帶來的樂趣。 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢,可致電 Oscar 或 Hebe LAU 查詢 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (July 2018)

MACARON BAKING CLASS The baking class「卡通造型馬卡龍製作班」was successfully held on July 14, 2018 (Sat). Over 30 colleagues, family members and friends participated! Based on the instructions from the professional baker, participants made their delicious and cute macarons with their creativity and interest. Especially for the children, they really enjoyed to draw the cartoon face on the

GITPA — 卡通造型馬卡龍製作班

各位親愛的同事: 說起甜品,很多人會想到被譽為「貴族甜品」的馬卡龍(Macaron)。馬卡龍外型小巧精緻,色彩繽紛,口感豐富。因此即使其價格與其他甜品有些差距,仍然廣受歡迎。 怎樣可以既享用精緻可愛的甜品,又食得健康? GITPA 特意為注重健康的你,安排一個適合大人小朋友參與的活動 — 卡通造型馬卡龍製作班。學員們可以從中學習及掌握馬卡龍(Macaron)的基礎知識及製作技巧,之後可以自己繼續嘗試挑戰不同款式的馬卡龍,和家人及朋友分享低糖又美味的馬卡龍。 夏日炎炎,大家不妨於週末體驗一下烘焙的樂趣 ,跟家人、伴侶、朋友或小孩一同製作美味可愛的馬卡龍吧﹗ 報名方法及詳情,請參閱已發出的宣傳電郵。 有任何疑問或查詢,可致電 Hebe LAU 或 Alpha WONG 查詢 。 政府資訊科技專業人員協會上

News from GITPA (June 2018)

GRETTINGS FROM THE NEW GITPA EX-CO At the beginning of the new term, we wish to take this opportunity to thank members and friends of GITPA for your support and participation! We will continue to serve our members and listen to your voice. Please do not hesitate to express your views and convey your ideas