News from GITPA (October 2018)

News from GITPA (October 2018)


The indoor rock climbing class 「GITPA — 攀石同樂日」 was successfully held on October 13 2018 (Sat). 27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and challenging activity.

After all participants gathered, they were guided by the professional trainers to do the stretching and warm up exercise together.

There were four different pre-defined routes with different level of difficulties. All participants tried to climb and feel the rock wall one by one first. But they could not wait too long to climb to the top, especially for the kids!

The goal of this sport is to reach the highest endpoint and touch the top of the wall. After some practices with the basic route, all the participants gained the fulfillment. Then they challenged the more difficult one. It was a huge discrepancy as some even failed to reach the top at the first try! However, as long as they did not give up and got some rest before the second time, all of them had achieved the target successfully.

It was really an enjoyable and meaningful activity for all the participants. Hope to see you next time if you miss it.


We have rescheduled the Luna Lamp Workshop to November 2018 due to the typhoon in September. We finally could see the beautiful art pieces from our colleagues in the next issue.

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