News from GITPA (September 2021)

News from GITPA (September 2021)


Distance cannot keep us apart from our beloved ones or stop us from sending our love and care across.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, many people have not been able to gather with their beloved ones or family during festivals.  In view of this, GITPA and Instagram illustrator Tom Choy Ho hope that through digital portraits, families who are separated can gather together in a portrait again.

For the first time, GITPA and illustrator Tom have jointly held a Mid-Autumn Festival Paintings for Charity event.  By donating to a charity that provides social services for the elderly, colleagues can get a unique portrait of them and their loved ones for the Mid-Autumn Festival.  It is hoped to encourage members to send kindness and blessings to others and the elderly during the festival with meaningful portraits as commemoration. 

All portraits were delivered to our members who have donated.  Hope that they like their own unique portraits.  We would like to thank all members for your continual support and participation to make this charity event successful!

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