News from GITPA (November 2021)

News from GITPA (November 2021)

GITPA X EMSD Staff Club FIFA 21 E-sports Tournament

To select four players representing GITPA for the “FIFA 21 E-sports Tournament Grand Finals”, GITPA held a series of selection matches on 17 November 2021. Ziv CHEONG and Walter NG, won three rounds in a row with the highest score of nine points, followed by Samuel YUEN and Neo KONG who scored six points with the second-highest score. These four outstanding players will represent GITPA to compete with the representatives of EMSD Staff Club on the stage of the Cyberport’s Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2021 (DELF2021)! All the best in the grand finals!

Left to Right: Walter NG (DH), Samuel YUEN (HKPF), Ziv CHEONG (DH), Neo KONG (HKO

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