News from GITPA (March 2022)

News from GITPA (March 2022)

GITPALeaks 2022

To welcome our newly recruited APIIs, GITPA will hold a casual gathering GITPALeaks 2022 on 14 April 2022. GITPA ExCo will be sharing topics such as career development and continuous study during the vitural meeting. We look forward to meet our smart and enthusiastic new joiners! In addition, GITPA ExCo also prepared an “AP Grade 達人挑戰” with a number of challenge questions for you to see how much you know about our Grade.

In the meeting, the Grade Management expressed appreciation to APRO(IT)s’ and Elite Team’s dedicated efforts contributed to the success of the election, and would consider presenting the letter of appreciation to the colleagues concerned. The Grade Management also encouraged colleagues with specific needs to approach their Grade Manager for assistance or advice. You may access the challenge via the following link:

Membership Renewal Exercise

It is time for GITPA membership renewal again! GITPA’s site representatives should have approached you for membership renewal already. Have you renewed your GITPA membership? If you haven’t done so or haven’t joined GITPA yet, please take this opportunity to join this only professional association that represents AP grade staff.

Your continual support is essential to sustain the development of our staff association. Surely GITPA will not succeed without your recognition, support and participation. Please continue to join and support GITPA as only you have the power to make GITPA serve and speak for you!

Tips for Fighting COVID-19

Under the recent challenging COVID-19 epidemic situation, it is important for us to keep up good hygiene to protect yourself and the people around you. Here are some health tips for your reference:

Stay healthy and safe!

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