News from GITPA (December 2019)

News from GITPA (December 2019)

News from GITPA (December 2019)

GITPA – 40周年標誌設計比賽投票結

Thank you so much for your active voting!  After an exciting round of voting, the result finally came!

The choice No. 7 received the highest number of votes (112 votes!) and became the winner of the logo competition.  Congratulations to the winner, Miss LEE Wing Tung, Eva (APII/EEA2, EMSD)!

She will be awarded the $500 supermarket coupons and the certificate of appreciation.

The design will be printed on the celebration souvenirs and publications for all the members to keep forever.  It will also be committed to the history of GITPA!

We are planning to hold another event to collect the memorial moments from our members along the journey of being a professional Analyst/Programmer!  Take a look at your favourite photo album, could you find some interesting and precious photos taken during our activities or any working environment?  We encourage you to share them with us. 

Details will be given later and hope you will support us as always!

GITPA Ex-Co 2019-20

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