News from GITPA (April 2021)

News from GITPA (April 2021)

Newsletter April 2021

GITPA Newsletter 2020/21

GITPA Newsletter 2020/21 has been published!  In this issue, you can know more about GITPA’s work from the summary of activities for last year.  The five featured interviews covered in the Newsletter provided a glimpse of what OGCIO did in 2020 for the fight against COVID-19, including the struggles and obstacles colleagues faced and how they overcame them.  The stories showcased a recollection of what we have been through, which our readers can resonate with and get inspired.

You can access the Newsletter via the following URL on KICP:


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In view of the large group of APIIs recruited in 2020 batch, two online GITPALeaks sessions were held and the second one was completed on 30 April 2021.  They were interactive sessions in which colleagues could participate through polling platform to express their feeling and raise questions.  We had very good sharing on posting arrangement, prospect and welfare, etc.  Thanks to our AP Grade new joiners again for their enthusiastic support and participation, and we look forward to meeting you all again in our future activities!

GITPA Ex-Co 2020-21

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