News from GITPA (July 2021)

News from GITPA (July 2021)


The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon.  GITPA ExCo would like to take this opportunity to wish all colleagues a joyful festival with your beloved family! 

This year, we continue to arrange mooncake offers  for members to select and celebrate with families under the beautiful full moon.  Apart from the traditional ones like Haagen-Dazs, Taipan and Saint Honore Cake Shop, we have introduced new popular brands including Mandarin Cake Shop and Patisserie La Lune, providing a total of over 40 choices of mooncakes.  With the overwhelming response from members, we have received a record-breaking amount of orders for 281 boxes of mooncakes!  Thank you very much for your continual support.  Members who have placed order will be receiving the redemption coupons from us soon.  Please stay tuned to our further notice!




GITPA ExCo will continue to help maintain Work-Life Balance for members.  We are gearing up for the activity plan with a bunch of exciting activities to enrich and liven up your spare time throughout the year!  Please stay tuned to our invitation email for more details.  See you there!

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