GITPA Executive Committee 2019/20

GITPA Executive Committee 2019/20

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

We are glad to inform you that the GITPA ExCo 2019-20 has been duly elected in the Annual General Meeting held on 14 May 2019. As of today, the GITPA has 946 members, representing around 79% of the AP Grade. We wish to take this opportunity to thank colleagues for your support and participation.

Based on the works and experiences gained over the past year and drawing reference to the issues that members are most concerned about, we will continue to work along the following directions in coming year –

1. To embrace views from members and represent members to liaise with management on Grade matters

  • to liaise with management, covering issues like promotion, staff wastage, recruitment, staff relation activities, staff communication, mentorship programme, enforcement of posting guidelines and implementation of the new performance appraisal forms etc.
  • to liaise with management on sustainable staff development and succession plan for AP grade
  • to reach out to members and collect their views through various channels

2. To help maintain Work-Life Balance for members

  • to organise activities for members
  • to liaise with relevant external parties for providing welfare and discounted offers for members

In order for the GITPA ExCo to serve you better and continuously improve our services to you, we need new inputs and new ideas from you. Please feel free to let us have your views on various issues. We also look forward to seeing you in our upcoming activities and events.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman, GITPA ExCo 2019-20

ExCo 2019-2020

Left to Right

(back) Albert CHAN, Charles CHENG, James FOK, Andrew HO, Oscar U, Nicole WONG, Nadia IP, Phyllis LEUNG, Leonard LAM, Andrew FUNG, Chris LAM, Winston LEUNG, Alpha WONG
(front) Janice TANG, Angus TAM, Ida LEE, Richard WONG
(not in photo) Hebe LAU

  Name Post Phone Location
Chairman Ms Ida WS LEE SM/LD 2852 3773 Harbour Building
Vice Chairman Mr Angus MC TAM SSM(DI)5 Ag. 3655 5778 Tamar
Secretary Mr Richard KW WONG API/C&SD 2582 2137 Wanchai Tower
Treasurer Miss Janice SM TANG ASM(G&R)32 3182 6510 Cyberport
Committee Member (Membership Secretary) Mr Chris CL LAM API/HKPF 3660 7139 Police Headquarters
Committee Member (Editor) Mr Winston WH LEUNG API/LR 2867 5855 QGO
Committee Member (Editor – Webmaster) Mr Albert YT CHAN API/LCSD 2295 6136 Fa Yuen Street MSB
Committee Member (Social Convener) Mr Alpha YK WONG API/TRY 2829 5743 Immigration Tower
Committee Member (Social Convener) Mr Oscar KC U ASM(CS)24 2294 2413 Immigration Tower
Committee Member (Social Convener) Mr James YK FOK APII/LD 2852 3789 Harbour Building
Committee Member (Social Convener) Miss Nadia TM IP APII/JUD 2886 6794 Eastern Law Courts Building
Supporting Member Mr Leonard FC LAM SSM/CITB 3525 1157 Customs HQ Building
Supporting Member Mr Andrew TC FUNG SM(CS)63 3182 6759 Cyberport
Supporting Member Ms Phyllis WM LEUNG API/FEHD 2154 2207 Hopewell Centre
Supporting Member Miss Nicole WY WONG SM(DA)23 Ag. 3182 6513 Cyberport
Supporting Member Ms Hebe HW LAU API/ImmD 2829 3302 Immigration Tower
Supporting Member Mr Andrew KK HO APII/MD 2852 4748 Harbour Building
Supporting Member Mr Charles HW CHENG APII/EDB 3540 7369 Wu Chung House

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