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GITPA Executive Committee 2019/20

Dear Fellow Members and Friends, We are glad to inform you that the GITPA ExCo 2019-20 has been duly elected in the Annual General Meeting held on 14 May 2019. As of today, the GITPA has 946 members, representing around 79% of the AP Grade. We wish to take this opportunity to thank colleagues for

News from GITPA (April 2019)

News from GITPA (April 2019) Membership Renewal Exercise 2019 The annual membership renewal exercise was successfully completed with the unfailing support from all site representatives.  As of 31 March 2019, there are 552 ordinary members and 390 life members.  We have a total of 942 members, representing over 78% of the AP grade.  The GITPA membership

News from GITPA (March 2019)

GITPA – 陶藝創作工作坊 The pottery (clay modeling) workshop 「GITPA – 陶藝創作工作坊」 was successfully held on 24 March 2019 (Sunday), which was our last workshop organized by 2018-19 GITPA. A total of 20 colleagues, their family members and friends joined this activity. Pottery is a creative process to make a vessel or any objects with clay. In

News from GITPA (February 2019)

GITPA豬年新春行大運 The GITPA’s Lunar New Year hiking activity「GITPA – 豬年新春行大運」 was successfully held on 13 February 2019 (Sunday). A total of 24 colleagues, their family members and friends joined the activity.  We gathered at Sun Yat-Sen Place of The University of Hong Kong and started the hiking with a joyful atmosphere. The trail this year was

News from GITPA (January 2019)

HOVER BOARD AND HOVER MAT EXPERIENCE DAY Happy New Year 2019!  At the beginning of a new year, an indoor activity「GITPA – 電動平衡車、平衡氈體驗日」 was successfully held on 13 January 2019 (Sunday).  27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this exciting and party like activity. Hover board is a new kind of vehicle which allows people standing

News from GITPA (December 2018)

WAR GAME EXPERIENCE DAY The indoor war game experience day「GITPA – War Game體驗日」 was successfully held on 16 December 2018 (Sunday).42 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and exciting activity. War game is usually regarded as an effective team-building activity.  But this time, the participants were told to enjoy the game as much as

News from GITPA (November 2018)

LUNA LAMP WORKSHOP The Luna Lamp Workshop「GITPA – 月球燈手作坊」 was successfully held on 4 November 2018 (Sat). 16 colleagues, family members and friends joined this activity. The workshop lasted for about four hours. It was not as easy as the participants thought.  First, they needed to inject the chemical liquid into the mold which weighted some

News from GITPA (October 2018)

INDOOR CLIMBING FUN DAY The indoor rock climbing class 「GITPA — 攀石同樂日」 was successfully held on October 13 2018 (Sat). 27 colleagues, family members and friends joined this funny and challenging activity. After all participants gathered, they were guided by the professional trainers to do the stretching and warm up exercise together. There were four

News from GITPA (September 2018)

MEETING WITH AP GRADE MANAGEMENT As stated in our work direction, GITPA will liaise and have regular meetings with AP Grade Management. During the last meeting on 30 July 2018, we discussed various topics including sustainable staff development, succession planning for AP Grade, staff promotion, staff wastage, recruitment, staff relation activities and staff communications etc.